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EastLink is local and independent

EastLink is based locally in the EastLink corridor, right here in Ringwood. We're independent of Australia's other toll road operators, and 100% focused on operating and maintaining EastLink and Ringwood Bypass.

Recently, you may have seen or heard advertising from Transurban about the new "Linkt" toll payment service for CityLink. You may have noticed that the CityLink website has been replaced by the Linkt website.

If you have an EastLink account, this doesn't affect you.

EastLink is not owned by Transurban, and your EastLink account will continue to operate exactly as before.

This means you can continue to use CityLink as well as EastLink, and your CityLink tolls will be charged to your EastLink account in exactly the same way as before.

Our contact details remain unchanged.

EastLink. Time Better Spent.