Frequently Asked Questions

Driving on EastLink

Is EastLink guaranteed to be a fast route?

The speed limit on EastLink is 100km/hr (except for the 80km/hr speed limited tunnel section between Springvale Rd and Ringwood Bypass / Maroondah Hwy).

The average speed on EastLink across all trips is approximately 94km/hr (except for the 80km/hr speed limited tunnel section).

However there are no guarantees about average speed on a specific trip on EastLink.

Average speed on a particular trip may be affected by factors such as emergency services incident, motor vehicle accident, motor vehicle breakdown, roadworks or maintenance, speed of other road users or traffic congestion.

The toll is charged for the use of EastLink, not for an average speed or time saving.

Are any trips on EastLink free of charge?

Every trip on EastLink is tolled except for trips by emergency vehicles.

If you don't want to pay the toll you must use an alternative route such as:

  • North - South: Springvale Rd or Stud Rd
  • East - West: Maroondah Hwy

Find out more about EastLink tolls, toll caps and weekend discounts for cars.

Toll Calculator

How much does EastLink cost?

EastLink offers the cheapest tolls in Australia.

Toll prices are calculated based on the class of your vehicle and the sections of EastLink that you travel on.

The cheapest way to travel is with a pre-paid tag account.

Find out more about EastLink tolls, toll caps and weekend discounts for cars.

Toll Calculator

Are there any discounts available?

20% weekend discount for cars

On Saturdays, Sundays and Victorian Public Holidays, EastLink car tolls are automatically discounted by 20%.

This includes the car toll cap, which is also discounted by 20% on these days.

The weekend discount for cars does not apply to EastLink trip passes or other vehicles classes.

20% single section discount for cars

Monday to Friday (excluding Victorian Public Holidays), EastLink car tolls for short trips limited to a single tolling section are automatically discounted by 20%. 

The single section discount for cars does not apply to trips through the EastLink tunnels.

The single section discount for cars does not apply to EastLink trip passes or other vehicles classes.

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Do motorcycles get charged for using EastLink?

Yes. Motorcycles are charged half the rate of cars using tags, however Motorcycles do not need to carry a tag. 

Toll Calculator

Does a car towing a caravan or trailer increase the toll price?

No. EastLink charges tolls for the car but not the caravan or trailer being towed.


Paying tolls

How can I pay for driving on EastLink?

The cheapest and easiest way to pay for travel on EastLink is by opening a pre-paid tag account.

If you already have any type of tolling account issued by Linkt Melbourne (CityLink) or a tag account issued by an interstate tollway, then it will work on EastLink provided the account is valid and not suspended, and your vehicle details have been linked to the account.

If you use a tag, ensure it is correctly installed as per the tag installation instructions.

If you don't want an account, you can purchase an EastLink trip pass before or up to 3 days after you travel. One trip pass pays for a single trip in one direction on EastLink. A return trip requires two trip passes.

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Can I use my Linkt account (CityLink account) to pay for EastLink tolls?

Yes, provided your Linkt account is valid and not suspended, and your vehicle details have been linked to the account.

When you drive on EastLink with a Linkt tag and/or Linkt account, the tolls you incur will be charged to your Linkt account. If you don't have a tag, the Image Processing Fee will be charged in addition to the toll (except for Motorcycles).

Can I use my EastLink account to pay CityLink tolls or interstate tolls?

All EastLink accounts can be used to pay for EastLink and CityLink trips in Melbourne.

EastLink tag accounts can also be used to pay for trips on interstate tollways in NSW and QLD.

EastLink non-tag accounts will not work in NSW and QLD however.

Remember, if your account is suspended then it will not work on any tollway.

How do I pay if I am driving a rental vehicle?

Some vehicle rental companies may offer toll payment programs for travel on any tollway in Australia, including EastLink, without having to arrange a pass each time you travel on a tollway.

Other vehicle rental companies do not offer toll payment progams.

Contact your rental company or ask for details when you visit a rental location to collect your rental vehicle.

If you are not covered by a rental company's toll payment program we recommend that you buy an EastLink trip pass for each trip on EastLink.

  • Do NOT buy a trip pass if your rental vehicle has a valid tag installed - the EastLink trip will always be charged to the valid tag
  • For most rental vehicles, a trip pass should be purchased before your trip on EastLink. If there is no trip pass available at the time of the trip, the toll will be charged to the rental company. Check with your rental company how tolls and passes apply to their vehicles

If you are unsure whether you are covered by a rental company's toll payment program, contact the rental company.


Using a tag

How do I install a tag?

To avoid unnecessary image processing fees, fit the tag in your vehicle according to the installation instructions.

Newer style tag (issued by EastLink from mid September 2019):

CE newTag

pdfTag Installation Instructions - newer style tag

Older style tag:

CE oldTag

pdfTag Installation Instructions - older style tag

My tag is not beeping. What should I do?

Your tag should beep when you travel under a toll point on EastLink or CityLink. If it does not beep, you should do the following:

  • Ensure your tag and holder have been correctly installed, as descibed in the tag installation instructions
  • If your vehicle has a metallised windscreen (e.g. on some European vehicles), your tag may have difficulty communicating with a toll point. Please read your vehicle's handbook or contact your vehicle's manufacturer to find out where you should position your tag on the windscreen. If you still experience problems using your tag with a metallised windscreen, please contact us
  • If your tag is correctly installed and does not have a metallised windscreen, please contact us as we may need to replace your tag

Provided your vehicle has been added to your account when you travel, or within 72 hours after you travel, the toll will be charged to your account even if your tag has not beeped.

Can I use my tag in a vehicle that has not been added to my account?

No. You must only use a tag in a vehicle that has been linked to your account.

I have a tag account for my vehicle, but I travelled on EastLink without my tag. Will I be covered?

Provided your vehicle was linked to your account when you travelled, or within 72 hours after you travelled, EastLink tolls will be charged to your account. You will also be charged an additional Image Processing Fee for each trip made on EastLink without a valid tag.

Can I order a new tag holder?

Yes, you can order a new tag holder by logging in to your account online.

I have more than one tag and more than one vehicle linked to my account. Can I find out which tag has been allocated to which vehicle?

EastLink tags are not allocated to any specific vehicles within an account. However, if you have more than one class of tag and vehicle linked to the one account you must always ensure you are using the correct class of tag for the vehicle.

You may move a tag between vehicles that are linked to your account so long as the vehicles are all the same class as the tag. For example, a Car tag can be used in any Car; however it may not be used in a Light or Heavy Commercial Vehicle.

We recommend you record which tag is installed in which vehicle, to help you reconcile trips as they appear in your account statement.


Operating multiple vehicles on the one account

I travelled on EastLink before I added a vehicle to my account. Will my trip be covered?

When you add a vehicle to your EastLink account, any trips made by that vehicle in the preceding 72 hours will be charged to your account.

For a trip made earlier than that, a toll invoice will be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. The toll invoice will include fees in addition to the toll.

How can I add a vehicle to my account?

Login to your account to add a vehicle.

How many vehicles can I link to my account?

We recommend linking up to 10 vehicles to a single pre-paid account. If you want to link more than 10 vehicles then we recommend opening a business account.

I don't have all the information about the vehicle I'm linking to my account. What information must I have to link the vehicle?

To link a vehicle to your account you will need to know the vehicle's: 

  • Licence plate number
  • State of registration
  • Class

If these details are correct, then the closest year and model of your vehicle should be sufficient for us to be able to link the vehicle to your account.

Why is the website not allowing me to add a vehicle to my account?

You may not add a vehicle to your EastLink account if the vehicle is already linked to another EastLink account. Please contact us for assistance.

You may not add a vehicle to your EastLink account if there is outstanding debt associated with the vehicle. If the debt is paid then the vehicle can be linked to the account. If the debt was incurred before you were responsible for the vehicle, please contact us for assistance.

How can I remove a vehicle from my account?

Login to your account to remove a vehicle.

Why am I not able to remove a vehicle from my account?

Your account needs to have at least one vehicle linked to it at all times. If you only have one vehicle on your account, you will need to add the new vehicle before removing the old vehicle.

If you wish to remove your only vehicle on your account, contact us for assistance.


Managing an account

When do toll charges appear on my account?

EastLink tolls are usually applied to accounts within 24 hours of travel.

Toll charges for trips made on CityLink or interstate tollways however, might not come through as quickly on your account. These non-EastLink tolls may be sent to us in batches, with charges for differerent days all appearing on your account on the same day.

Where can I view recent trips charged to my account?

Login to your account to view your recent trips and payments.

Where can I view my account statements?

You can view the past 18 months of account statements online.

Log in to your account to view your account statements. 

If you cannot view a PDF file, visit and download the Adobe Acrobat reader.

How do I know which vehicle took which trip?

Our tolling system uses a number of detectors to identify your vehicle. If it identifies a valid EastLink tag, the travel history will show the tag serial number (10 digits) against the trip. If you are unsure which tag is in a specific vehicle, go to the tag in your vehicle, and check the tag serial number printed on its side. 

If you don’t have a tag in your vehicle or the tag is not fitted correctly then the system will read your vehicle’s licence plate number and this will be shown against the trip.

How can I pay my account?

The easiest way to pay your tolls and keep your EastLink account in credit is by setting up automatic payment for your account. When your Account Balance drops below the Minimum Balance Amount for your account, the Top Up Amount will be deducted from your nominated credit/debit card or bank account. To set up automatic payment, login to your account.

If you prefer to manage each top up payment yourself, you can make payments to your EastLink account:

  • Online at this website
  • Using BPAY with the following details:
    BPAY Biller Code 727214
    BPAY Reference Number = use your EastLink account number
  • Over the phone on (03) 9955 1400

Why is my account still suspended after topping up my account?

Your top up amount may not have been sufficient.

To reactivate a suspended account, you must make one or more payments to bring your Account Balance back above the Minimum Account Balance. If the amount you topped up is less than required to bring your Account Balance back above the Minimum Account Balance, then your account will remain suspended.

Login to your account to view the Account Balance and account status (e.g. Suspended), and make payments.

Can I update my payment details online?

Yes. Login to your account to update your payment details.


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