EastLink Safety

Safest freeway in Melbourne

Maintaining a safe environment for all drivers is a priority for EastLink. We are proud to be Melbourne’s safest freeway. Our safety record reflects the partnership approach we take with motorists. We manage traffic flow from the EastLink control room, and deploy our incident response vehicles to help keep motorists safe when they break down or are involved in an incident. The EastLink control room operates around the clock, monitoring the roadway with video cameras, traffic counters, and automatic detectors for tunnel incidents, tunnel fire and over-height vehicles.

Keeping safe on EastLink

We expect everyone to drive within the speed limits, and behave courteously to others on the road. You can help keep yourself safe on EastLink by always obeying safety instructions, including: lane control signs and lane markings; fixed and variable speed signs; safety messages on digital signs as well as in-tunnel radio broadcasts and loudspeaker announcements. Always follow instructions provided by emergency response personnel.

What to do if you need help

In an emergency phone 000.

If your vehicle breaks down, stop in an emergency lane, illuminate your hazard lights, remain in the vehicle if it is safe to do so, and wait for one of our incident response vehicles. On average, an incident response vehicle attends within 6 minutes.

If possible, stop in the emergency lane of an off-ramp instead of an emergency lane adjacent to the main carriageway. The off-ramp will be safer, with lower traffic volumes travelling at slower speeds.

Never cross a freeway on foot.

Promoting road safety

Safe driving begins with knowing what to do when you’re on the road. EastLink has partnered with local orgnisations including the Eastern Football League and SAFETY SENSE - Young Driver Safety Concepts to deliver road safety education to thousands of young people living in the EastLink corridor.

When not needed for incident messages, we use our digital signs to communicate safe driving messages.


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