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EastLink sponsors Ringwood Diving Club

The Club's EastLink Diving Championships will be held at Aquanation, Ringwood, on 29-30 January 2022.

With Victoria returning to a sense of normality following the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, EastLink’s sponsorship is helping Ringwood Diving Club reconnect with its members, including athletes, officials and coaches.

Organised swimming and diving sports were particularly impacted during the stop-start lockdowns of 2020 and 2021. With swimming and diving pools closed for extended periods of time, coaching sessions were unable to proceed, and competitions cancelled completely.

EastLink’s sponsorship funding is helping Ringwood Diving Club to deliver its first club championships since August 2019.

The EastLink Diving Championships will be held at Aquanation, Ringwood, on 29-30 January 2022.

The EastLink Diving Club Championships will include competition at the 1 metre and 3 metre springboard, as well as at the 5 metres, 7.5 metres and 10 metres diving platform levels. The Championships will include springboard and platform synchronised events in addition to individual competition.

The Championships will also have a novice event that could be entered after one week of the Ringwood Diving Club’s current holiday programme.

Ringwood Diving Club with Philip Wood 1000w

In addition to the sponsorship funding, EastLink will provide marketing support to Ringwood Diving Club, including emails to EastLink account holders about the Club and the EastLink Diving Championships.

EastLink corporate affairs manager Doug Spencer-Roy said, “EastLink was a founding sponsor of Aquanation in Ringwood.”

“Now we are privileged to be able to help Ringwood Diving Club – the largest diving club in Victoria – reconnect with its members through the EastLink Diving Championships at Aquanation’s outstanding diving facilities.”

Ringwood Diving Club operations manager and head coach Philip Wood (above photo, at right) said, “After the challenges that the Club has faced during the pandemic lockdowns and extended pool closures, it was incredible to see the Club win the Diving Australia Club of the Year award in 2021.”

“We are now very appreciative of EastLink’s support which is making possible our Club Championships in 2022.”

“Club members are particularly excited to see the novice event, in which holiday programme attendees will experience a diving competition for the first time, in diving facilities that are truly world class.”

Some Ringwood Diving Club members at Aquanation, Ringwood:

Ringwood Diving Club at Aquanation 1000w

Ringwood Diving Club logoAbout Ringwood Diving Club

Ringwood Diving Club was established in July 1986. The Club has had an extremely successful history, producing amazing results at local, national and international levels.

Since 2015, Ringwood Diving Club has been based at Aquanation, Ringwood, where it runs a full program from beginner to international level.

The Club’s vision is to “Develop champions in life through diving”.

In 2021, Ringwood Diving Club was awarded Diving Australia’s Club of the Year.

Also in 2021, Ringwood Diving Club’s head coach Philip Wood won Diving Australia’s Age Coach of the Year award.

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