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Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic update

In compliance with Victorian restrictions, EastLink's 'walk in' customer centre in Ringwood remains closed.

Unfortunately, Afterpay Touch no longer accepts EastLink payments at retail outlets. This means EastLink payments are no longer accepted by 7-Eleven stores or newsagents. This decision has been made by Afterpay Touch, which used to provide this service to EastLink customers.

Instead, we recommend you pay using your debit card or credit card right here on the EastLink website.

At the EastLink website there are ZERO surcharges for debit cards and credit cards (includes VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club).

All customer services are available over the phone (during business hours Monday-Friday) and online:

phone and web options

Be re-assured that EastLink’s essential operations and maintenance activities will continue.

EastLink will remain open and safe to use.

EastLink. Time Better Spent.