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Local residents and students help EastLink redevelop landscaping

The landscaping on the roof of EastLink’s eastern tunnel portal has not performed well in recent years. It had become unappealing and was not contributing to the local community.

EastLink decided to redevelop the site in partnership with Swinburne University and the engagement of local residents.

First, EastLink conducted a community survey to identify local residents’ use of, and needs for the site.

Based on that survey, Swinburne University landscaping design students created eight new landscaping designs for the site as part of their course work. The designs were short-listed for a vote by local residents and stakeholders. The winning designs were by students Janette Wilson and Angus Houghton-Norris, who then worked together to create a final design for implementation:

pdfNew landscape design - eastern tunnel portal roof

EastLink cleared the site, conducted ground preparations including laying new soil and mulch, and constructing a new rock swale.

On the morning of Saturday 20 October, a community planting event was held for local residents.

Saturday morning was unexpectedly very wet. But that didn’t stop 23 community volunteers of all ages joining six members of the EastLink landscaping team to complete 2,000 plantings in just 3 hours, including:

  • grasses (e.g. Patersonia occidentalis, Themeda triandra)
  • shrubs (e.g. Hardenbergia violacea, Goodenia ovata)
  • trees (e.g. Allocasuarina littoralis, Acacia implexa)

The eastern tunnel portal roof site is now set to be an attractive contributor to the local community.

community planting day 1

community planting day 2

community planting day 3

community planting day 4

Swinburne University landscaping design students Angus Houghton-Norris and Janette Wilson worked together to create the new landscaping design:

Winners Angus Houghton Norris and Janette Wilson 300w

EastLink. Time Better Spent.